Discover Our Med Spa’s Cosmetic Treatments

Injectables provide a “liquid face-lift” effect so you can enhance your appearance without having to go under the knife, as you would with a traditional face-lift. Below are descriptions of some of the most on‑demand injectables available.



Botox® works beneath the skin’s surface and targets the underlying muscle activity that causes frown lines to form over time. Your provider will inject Botox® Cosmetic into the muscles that cause frown lines and crow’s feet lines, temporarily reducing the activity of those muscles. The result is a reduction in the appearance of those lines. Results vary but can last from three to four months.

Botox neuromodulator can be used not only to erase fine lines and wrinkles from places such as the forehead, glabella, crow's feet/eyes, marionette lines, and neck lines—but so much more! We use it to treat bruxism or teeth grinding, facial slimming to make more of a "V" shape to the face vs round or square, gummy smile (where too much of the gums show when smiling), Botox lip flip to make the appearance of a fuller lip without actual lip injections, under-eye bulge for those who have a bulge under their eyes when they smile causing the eyes to look smaller and puffier than they are, and Botox can also be used to prevent scar formation.

There are adverse effects with Botox as with any medication, however, these adverse effects are minimal if the treatment is performed by a trained medical professional and if post‑treatment instructions are carefully followed.

We recommend you come in for your Botox procedure about one month before your event. The full effect of the Botox takes around two weeks. Coming in one month ahead of time will allow sufficient time for any touch-ups required at the 2‑week mark.

Some side effects are expected any time a needle is inserted into the skin- i.e. pain, swelling, bruising. More serious side effects can occur if the Botox treatment is performed by an inexperienced injector or if post-treatment instructions are not carefully followed. These side effects can include a droopy eyelid or a droopy eyebrow.

For these reasons and more, it is highly advised to seek a highly trained physician to perform Botox injections.


Both Dysport and Botox are considered safe and effective for the temporary treatment of moderate to severe wrinkles. The effects of Dysport may show up sooner, but botox may last longer. Follow-up injections are necessary to maintain the results you want.

Both injectable muscle relaxants can provide you with your desired results through the injection of a botulinum toxin A formula. However, the specific formula used to manufacture Dysport is a little different. The treatment process is incredibly similar, but the slight formula difference makes Dysport a little better for the treatment of mild cosmetic concerns.

Dysport is also FDA-approved to treat wrinkles and folds caused by dynamic muscles. If you’re concerned about crow’s feet developing around your eyes, Dysport may not be appropriate for you because it may spread outside of the targeted area and relax surrounding muscles. It may be appropriate if you want to improve the appearance of your forehead.



Jeuveau is a botulinum toxin type A injection used in the treatment of wrinkles. It’s also sometimes called the new Botox, or “Newtox” for short, because it’s a new version of the same active ingredient used in original Botox cosmetic injections.

While Jeuveau shares some similarities with Botox, there are key characteristics that make this injection stand apart from other botulinum toxin injections. Jeuveau is a better fit for certain types of facial wrinkles compared to Botox— all at a slightly cheaper price.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Jeuveau for the treatment of wrinkles in February 2019. It’s a new type of botulinum toxin A injection.

Dermal Fillers - Brands of Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are a great non-surgical alternative to enhancing facial features, eliminating wrinkles and facial folds, raising scar depressions, giving the face a lift, and replacing volume.

Fillers are an injectable gel composed mainly of hyaluronic acid (HA), a natural protein found in the body that gives fullness and elasticity to the skin. Used to augment and contour the face, restoring a more youthful rejuvenated appearance.

Fillers are used for lip augmentation, to contour the nose, cheeks, jawline, or lower face. Fillers correct age-related volume loss in the midface and cheeks with volume, using a deep injectable used mainly for the midface. Fillers are often used to correct asymmetry and give a more balanced appearance.

The HA Fillers are the most used around the world today due to their safety track record and beautiful results. All HA fillers are similar; however, some have a propensity to last longer, are mixed with lidocaine for anesthesia purposes, and represent different particle sizes.

Our professional injectors can help explain which filler is best to achieve what you want and how to avoid what you don’t. Results aim toward restoration or enhancement of your natural beauty.

These Are the Benefits of Dermal Fillers:

  • Restores youthful contours and proportions.
  • See immediate results in just one treatment
  • Soft smooth results using our advanced microdroplet technique
  • Anti-aging benefits of hyaluronic acid that will slow down the aging process.
  • Minimize smile lines around the mouth, chin wrinkles, corners of the mouth, marionette lines, enhance lips, cheeks, midface, and nose, reduce under-eye darkness and circles
  • No downtime

There is little to no downtime and results generally last one to three years, depending on which filler is used. There are various fillers to choose from, at your consultation your provider will discuss the benefits of each and help you choose the proper filler to achieve the best results.